Squire Jollybanks and Sammy Raggles (Costume Design for 'Queen Victoria')

WAG 1643


This watercolour painting features the costume designs for two male characters from the play 'Queen Victoria'. They are identified as Squire Jollybanks and Sammy Raggles via inscription, although it is not clear which is which. The two figures are wearing colourful victorian outfits, typical of the upper class. The figure on the left is standing with one hard behind their back. They are wearing a black shirt below a white waistcoat and a blue long tailcoat with lapels. This is paired with cream trousers, a black top hat and black heeled boots with a gold ring around the top. The figure on the right standing with one leg slightly raised. They are wearing a white shirt below a pink waistcoat with a pinstripe checkered design. Above this is a green tailcoat with lapels. His trousers are light brown and he is wearing a black necktie, black top hat and black formal pointed shoes. Both figures are carrying black canes which are not fully depicted.