Staffs of Office



1 of 2 (non-matching) monk-magistrate's or shalngo's staff of office. Long square staff of iron covered with damascene work of scrolling foliage and 'shou' or long life symbols. Inset into the staff at the centre are four gilt brass panels, there is one on each side of the staff that are separated into five medallions. The panels are decorated with designs of the Seven Treasures of Royalty and the Eight Auspicious Symbols, the central design of each panel being the phoenix, kirtimukha or 'face of glory' repeated on two of the panels and the crane respectively. An additional single panel sits at the front of the staff in the same openwork design featuring a man sitting in royal ease pose on the back of a stag. The finial of the post is finished with the elemental symbol of the air, the crescent moon and sun or nyi da. The pointed end of the staff is now mounted into a three tiered wooden stand. A handle sits at a right angle to the staff and is finished with a red wool and red silk loop fastened with a knot of leather.