Statue of a Hare



Statue of a hare either dead and caught by a hunter or running. A dead hare may have been part of an ancient hunting scene or seasonal personifications of Autumn or Winter and could have been suspended parallel to the hunter's legs. However the size of the hare suggests that the statue of the hunter would have been rather big. A close parallel to the Ince hare as running can be found in the Vatican and known as the running gallop in the Sala degli Animali. Similar to the Vatican hare the Ince example has been restored with a central support suggesting so that its legs are unencumbered. The right side may have been the major side of the original sculpture because of what Bartman determined as a button like eye. The hare would then run towards the viewer's right. The hare's ears are not upright as the Vatican's example but worked in high relief. The treatment of the surface is minimal and there is no fur