Statuette of Hermes



Under life size statuette of Hermes in a frontal pose, his weight on his left leg and the right one slightly bent and pulled back. The head looks to the right, the god held an attribute in his right hand, now lost. In his left hand he holds a caduceus. He wears a long chlamys pinned at the right shoulder and covering his back. His body is muscular with the chest in the classical mode of a male god or hero. The head type copies a 4th century BC type. The overall character of the piece is eclectic, suggesting that it is a Roman invention. The head is broken but original and there are restorations on the nose and part of the left cheek, there is a plaster filled area in the crack of the inner right eye. The entire right side of the face is narrower than the left and has therefore been recut. The back of the har is very damaged and two modern wings are attached. The left foot is ancient and the right one is similar to it.