Statuette of Imhotep



Imhotep was considered to be the architect of the Step Pyramid, the first large-scale stone building in Egypt. Imhotep was worshipped as a god, and some ibis mummies carry an image of him. His tomb has never been identified, and many archaeologists came to Saqqara in search of it. During excavations, thousands of animal mummies were discovered. Solid cast copper alloy statuette of Imhotep, seated, reading from a roll of papyrus on his lap. Imhotep wears a skull cap, incised broad collar and eyes are inlaid with gold. The papyrus roll is inscribed with four rows of hieroglyphic text with the first line being "Imhotep" and the last line recording the name of the dedicator, "Ptah-hry[?]".Described by Professor Percy Newberry as being of a "very fine technique” and dating to the Saite to Romano-Egyptian Period. One corner of the papyrus roll is broken off.