Statuette of Imhotep



Solid cast copper alloy statuette of Imhotep shown seated (his chair is missing) holding an unrolled papyrus scroll in both hands. His feet rest on a box-like footstool. He wears a skull cap and a pleated kilt. The papyrus roll is inscribed with two rows of hieroglyphic text with the first line being "Imhotep" and the last line now illegible but most likely records the name of the dedicator (compare with M11622) or his the epithet "the Great One, son of the god Ptah”. Described by Professor Percy Newberry in 1910 as being of a "good technique” and dating to the Saite to Romano-Egyptian Period. CONDITION NOTE 1998: Corroded; Treated with benzotriazol August 1987 with repeat treatments in Arpil 1988 and September 1988.