Statuette of Tyche



Statuette of a female in archaizing style, identified as Tyche. The head ( probably Augustan ) is on an archaizing body to which it does not belong. The female faces the front and has her left leg forward, the advancement of the leg exaggerated by the restorer. Despite the exaggerated movement the drapery is rather static, clinging onto the body rather than hang vertically. She wears a long peplos with a sleeved chiton, the overall costume is well preserved apart from the lower hem. The peplos hangs over the chiton and is arranged in a V made of swallowtail folds which fall assymetrically. The right breast was repaired and it was probably broken because there must have been an attached hand or attribute. The alien head which was attached by the restorer is of the Munich Tyche type, although a lot more ovoid than the Munich type. The diadem stands on the crown but it is not well rendered at the back. The hair is chiselled in lines and radiate from the apex of the crown. Three long ringlets frame the face on either side and they were probably hung over the shoulder onto the bosom in the torso that was lost.