Round top stela with winged sun disc and two pendant uraei. Beneath is a recumbent jackal on either side, facing inwards. Below, a standing figure of Osiris (left), dressed in a long loose- fitting garment, both arms folded across his chest, wears the atef- crown. A standing figure of Anubis (right), in short kilt, raises his right arm towards Osiris and wears the double crown. Both figures are depicted in profile. Between them is a standing figure of a man, frontally posed, dressed in daily costume, his right arm extended as if making an offering of incense. The man is depicted on a larger scale than the two gods. Osiris stands at a higher level than the man and Anubis at a higher level than Osiris. There are traces of black paint on the legs arms and face of Anubis. Traces of red paint are to be seen on the body of Osiris, on the kilt of Anubis and on the crown of lower Egypt, forming part of the double crown of Anubis. The recumbent jackals were originally painted black.