Round top stela, with winged sun disc in raised relief with the outline of the wings incised. Below, Osiris (left) dressed in a long loose- fitting garment, wearing the atef- crown, stands holding his arms across his chest. He seems to be grasping a heka- sceptre and a flail. Before him is an upright coffin, with a mummy, head unwrapped, depicted in frontal view. Anubis (right) raises his left arm to Osiris, and with his raised right arm supports the coffin, presenting the mummy to Osiris. Both gods are depicted in profile. The figures are cut in sharply incised relief. Remains of red colour on the bodies of the mummy and Osiris. Remains of yellow colour are to be seen on the face of Osiris and on the wings of the sun disc, coloured red. The flail and the heka- sceptre are painted red. Remains of black colour are to be seen on the face, arms and legs of Anubis and remains of yellow on his kilt. There were three red painted rows of sun’s rays and the colour has faded away but the remains of the red colour can still be seen. There were two recumbent jackals painted in black but the colour has now faded away. Remains of black colour are on the hair, eyes and eyebrows of the mummy.