Round top stela, divided into three registers. At the top is a winged sun disc with two pendant uraei, lightly incised. The second register shows six figures. The deceased is represented standing on the right, in frontal view, wearing everyday clothing and raising his right arm. There is a figure of a deity in mummy form to his left, head broken away, which is to be restored as that of a jackal. On the left of the deceased is another jackal- headed deity. He is followed by a standing hawk- headed figure of Horus, and by a standing figure of Osiris wearing the white crown. Behind Osiris, on the extreme left of stela, is the standing figure of a goddess, left arm raised towards him in gesture of protection associated with Isis. The gods are dressed in loose- fitting garments and their hands and feet are protruding. There are some blank columns between the individual figures, probably intended for hieroglyphs. The base line slopes upward from right to left. The third register comprises three lines of demotic, beginning with the formula anxbj followed by the name of the deceased. The surface is worn in places, especially in the area near the heads of the jackal-headed figure (left) and of the man, otherwise it is in good condition. Remains of red colour are to be seen on the bodies of the gods and remains of yellow on the mantle of the deceased.