A small limestone stela with the upper left part damaged and in separate pieces that requires conservation treatment. In the remains of the round top can still be seen part of the winged sun-disc. In the second register are four figures, on the right side are Anubis and Osiris. Anubis wears a short kilt and carries an ankh in his right hand, his body is coloured black. Behind him is Osiris, mummiform and facing the front, the robes are loose and he does not wear a crown. Opposite the gods are the figures of a man, dressed in elaborate flowing robes, and a child who is disproportionate, holding his right arm up towards Anubis. The deceased is depicted in full frontal pose with his left arm held across his body and the right pointing towards Osiris. At the bottom are two lines of demotic text in red paint. The beginning of the demotic inscription is unclear but describes the tallest figure wearing a tunic as being 22 years old when he died and that he is depicted with his brother Pebos. His brother may have died as a child earlier and been included in the commemoration. Alternatively, the figure may represent a younger brother who died at the same time.