Round top stela, divided into three registers. At the top is a winged sun disc with two pendant uraei. The second register shows a standing figure of a man, dressed in a tunic and a mantle, depicted in frontal view, his left arm folded across his chest. Anubis, his left hand clasping the right hand of the man, is conducting him into the presence of three standing figures of deities. Anubis, dressed in Egyptian style costume, raises his right arm before them. The first of these deities is a hawk- headed figure of Horus. Between Anubis and Horus is an offering table on a tall stand. Between Anubis and Horus is Osiris, who wears the white crown. Both Horus and Osiris are in mummified form, hands protruding. Isis (left), dressed in traditional Egyptian costume, puts both her arms around the waist of Osiris. All four figures of the deities are depicted in profile. The stela is carved in lightly incised relief. The area of the third register has been divided up into eight horizontal lines for a demotic text beginning pA-wjt. The sixth and eighth lines have been left blank. Remains of red colour are on the garments or bandages of all the deities. Traces of red are also seen on the face of the deceased and traces of dark colour are on the faces of the gods. The crown of Osiris was painted yellow. The sun’s disc was painted red and red pigment is to be observed in the inscription.