Ancestor worship stela of the late New Kingdom that shows the deceased sitting on a chair smelling a lotus flower; before them stands a female relative. CONDITION NOTE (1998): Wood splitting, hole in back, concretions, loss of decoration, surface cracked and flaking off, discoloured, surface dirt. Previously described as:"A round topped stela made of wood and painted. Within a blue border a man is depicted seated at the left of the scene, while on the right the smaller female figure of his wife is shown making offerings before him. There are small inscriptions in black about the figures but these are now badly faded. The deceased appears to have been named Mose.22nd Dynasty" (Andrea Davies and Dirk van der Plas, ed., 2001). "Wooden Sepulchral Tabllt; of Khuenmas, who is represented seated on a chair, whilst a lady, whose name is illegiable, makes offerings to him" (Gatty, 1879 p. 36 no. 181). Gatty Slip (1873): Wooden sepulchral tablet, painted, of 'KHUENMAS' - who is presented seated in a chair, whilst a lady, whose name is illegible, makes offerings to him.