This round-topped stela was made for a wab-priest called Hor. The front of the stela was prepared with a layer of plaster before being painted with decoration of fair to poor quality, divided into three sections. The lunette shows a winged sun-disc, below which are some traces of hieroglyphs which appear to read, “The Behdetite” and “the great god”. The second section shows one standing god behind two seated gods, all facing right. Facing them is the deceased, kneeling with arms raised in adoration. Before him there might be a lotus plant but as with many areas of the stela the surface is soiled or lost completely, making interpretation difficult. The two seated gods might be Osiris in white, wearing a tall white crown with plumes at the sides (atef crown), with Isis seated behind him. The standing deity could be Nepthys. The lower section includes three lines of hieroglyphic text in black against a white and yellow background. The text reads from right to left, and begins with a funerary formulae asking for favours on behalf of the deceased. The end of the second line includes the beginning of owner’s title “wab-priest of…” but the text continues on to the third line where the surface is very damaged. The sides and back are prepared with a layer of plaster and painted yellow. CONDITION NOTE (1998): surface loss, cracked surface, surface dirt, discoloured, hole in back.