Round top stela, divided into three registers. It is in very good condition but there is no trace of any colour remaining. At the top is a winged sun disc with two pendant uraei. Underneath is a pt- sign. The second register displays a scene of five figures. A standing figure of Osiris is in the middle of the scene. He is dressed in a long loose- fitting garment, wearing the white crown and folding both arms across his chest. Before him is a standing figure of a man, dressed in Egyptian costume with both arms held slightly away from his body. Behind Osiris is a standing figure of Isis, dressed in traditionally long robe, raising her left arm towards Osiris and her right arm is lowered as if to clasp the waist of Osiris in protective gesture. On the left is a standing hawk- headed figure of Horus and on the right is a standing figure of Anubis. Above the heads of Isis and of the deceased are signs of uncertain reading, apparently the same. The stela is cut in incised relief, with some assured modelling of the figures. The third register comprises of three lines of demotic, begging with: anx bj m-bAH wsjr-skr ntr aA nb AbDw, followed by the name of the dead man who has a second name introduced by: nty jw-w Dd nf, ‘called’ (compare Cat. No 206).