Round topped stela, divided into 3 registers. At the top is a winged sun disc flanked on each side by a uraeus, carved in raised relief. The second register is contained within a lightly incised rectangular frame. On the left is a standing figure of Osiris, in mummified form, unusually depicted in frontal view, wearing and elaborate crown, for which sufficient space has been allowed for its proper representation, and holding a flail and heka sceptre. On the right is a standing figure of Anubis in mummified form, depicted in profile, facing left. Between them is a standing figure of a man, frontally posed, dressed in a tunic with a mantle over his left shoulder and fastened over the right shoulder. He extends his right hand over an incense burner. In his other hand he holds an offering. The area around the upper part of the figure of the deceased and of Osiris have been modelled as if intended to be in raised relief without the background being evenly cut back. The figure of Anubis is in no more than incised line. The third register comprises 3 lines of Greek text: [Stela] of Sisois [son] of Horus, his mother being Thermouthis. The limestone surface has now laminated and many details are lost, such as all of the inscription.