Stela (Forgery)



Forgery of an ancient Egyptian antiquity acquired by Sir Henry Wellcome from the de Rustafjaell collection in 1913. White circular label stuck to the surface with pencil number 209/4. Purchased at Sotheby's 20-24 January 1913 (de Rustafjaell sale) Lot 209/4: "a large pylon-shaped Stela, with incavo figures of gods, etc., above, and winged disc on entablature; limestone; 22 in. high, 20 in. wide. Part of the head of a god or king in sunk relief. Fragments of large Stele (2), with inscriptions and parts of figure designs". CONDITION NOTE (1998): Heavily chipped, worn, label adhered to surface, loss of pigment, sellotape on base.