Stela Fragment



Fragment of a stela with three lines of inscribed vertical hieroglyphic text and a kneeling man, executed in very fine sunk relief. He appears to be bald, is clean-shaven and wears an ankle length kilt. Traces of orange paint remain on his head and hands. His hands are raised before him in praise or supplication to the unknown characters. Part of the text reads: " the Ka of the Servant of the Place of Truth" . There is a name, but the reading is not certain. If the figure is identifed as pAy his period of activity in the gang, from the reign of Horemheb to early in the reign of Ramesses II, coincides with the date suggested for the stela on stylistic grounds. Trace of a de Rustafjaell type label. CONDITION NOTE 1998: Incomplete, chipped, some concretions, remnants of old label on surface, dirt in incised lines, surface dirt.