Stela of Hotep and Khnumu card

Stela of Hotep and Khnumu


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A stela is an inscribed slab of stone or wood, placed in a tomb or in a temple. Red granite from the Aswan quarries in the south of Egypt was so highly-prized that only a lucky few could have it in their tombs. This round-topped red granite stela of Hotep and Khnumu in excellent condition with six rows of finely carved hieroglyphs. The top line gives the name of two brothers - one name reads left to right (the steward Khnumu), and the other name reads right to left (the steward Hotep). After a standard offering formula the text names their mother as Satkhnumhotep (Ranke 293, 1). The lower register shows three men walking, facing right, all carrying a walking stick in right hand a kherep-scepter in left hand.