Stela of King Teiteqese



Granite stela dedicated to Isis, excavated in 1910 at the Temple of Isis, Meroë, by the Liverpool University Institute of Archaeology. Isis can be seen on the left side of this stela and King Teriteqas on the right. Isis appears as a woman wearing a sun disc and cow horns on her head. Inscribed with text in Meroitic script. The Kushites adopted aspects of Egyptian art and religion and at Meroë there was a temple dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Isis. Exhibited at Musée du Louvre (Paris) 2010 exhibiton 'Méroé: Un empire sur le Nil' , the first exhibition devoted exclusively to Meroe, a kingdom of the ancient Sudan known for its legendary capital and the pyramids of its famous necropolis. CONDITION NOTE 1998: Surface dirt, worn, chipped, pitted, surface loss. Cleaned in July 2022.