Stela of Mut



Round topped stela of wood with a thin layer of plaster and painted decoration on one side only. In the lunette is an elongated 'heaven' sign, below which is a winged sun-disc with two uraei. The main scene is confined at left and right by two tall was-sceptres. The deceased lady stands to the right, facing left with arms raised in an attitude of adoration. She wears a long flowing and fringed tunic or cloak of transparent material which reveals her body beneath. Her wig is long and curled with a headdress of flowers surmounted by a perfume cone. In her right hand she holds a small incense bowl. To the left of her is a seated figure of Re-Horakhty who is mummiform and wears a sun-disc with uraeus. He is carrying a crook and flagellum, the detail of the falcon-face and torso are very finely executed. Between the two figures is a heavily laden offering table. Above the scene the text is painted in black on a yellow ground with red lines dividing the five short vertical columns. Starting from the left the first two columns read right to left and the remaining three in the other direction, left to right. The text is not so well preserved in places, including the deceased’s name which may be Mut who is described as a 'mistress of the house' (nbt pr) and ‘Chantress of Amun’ (Smayt n jmn). Wellcome Historical Medical Museum accession number 30967: Purchased at Sotheby's, London, 11 November 1924 Lot 143: A wooden Stela, 81/4in high, represnting a Priestess of Amen, adoring Ra-Harmachis seated before a table of offerings, fairly well-drawn work of a late period, the colouring is well preserved.