Stela of Nashauaru



This round-topped stela was made for a man called Nashauaru. The front of the stela was prepared with a layer of plaster before being painted with decoration that is divided into three sections. The lunette shows a sign of heaven curving over a winged sun-disc with uraei. Below is a solar-bark in which are seated the deities Re-Horakhty, Isis, Nephthys and Horus; their names painted above in hieroglyphs. The second section below consists of a 'kheker' frieze: a decorative motif of alternating green, blue and red knots. The lower section includes six lines of hieroglyphic text in black against an alternating yellow and pink background. The back is prepared with a layer of plaster and painted yellow. Around the edge of the stela and between each sections is a multi-coloured border. The sides and back are prepared with a layer of plaster and painted yellow. There is a label stuck to the surface with the printed number '534'. CONDITION NOTE (1998): Wood is splitting, dry, decoration is cracked, lifting in places, areas of surface loss, discolouration, label adhered to surface, surface dirt.