Stela of Niankhtet



Slab stela of Niankhtet, royal acquaintance, director/controller of scribes connected with petitions (or iah?) and scribe of reversion offerings of about late 3rd Dynasty or early 4th Dynasty. Sunk and raised relief with a combination of vertical and horizontal inscriptions. The deceased is seated before a table of offerings. With his right hand he reaches out towards the table of bread loaves, while with his left he grasps the shoulder knot of his garment in his clenched fist. At the top right side is a register list of linen of various fineness. The bottom part of the stela is broken away. On file are two letters from the archaeologist Flinders Petrie to the curator Charles Gatty discussing the stela and thanking Mr Gatty for supplying photographs (letters dated 22 March 1882 and 19 July 1883).