Stela of Peshesmet



Round topped stela of wood with gesso and painted decoration. In the lunette is an blue elongated heaven sign disc, a uraei with pendent ankh signs, flanked by wedjat sacred eyes and shen rings. Below the disc is the place name Behdet (bHdt). The male stela owner is represented worshipping Re-Horakhty who is seated before offerings. On either side of the scene are columns with ornamental capitals. Below the scene is a border coloured to represent a rocky landscape. The surface is discoloured and flaked in places. In 1920 Professor Newberry noted that the inscription in eight columns was "almost entirely illegible but the name of the deceased is apparently Peshesmut". The name Peshesmut is at the end of the text to the right side of the owner’s head and may be his name or that of his father or other relative. The back is plain.