Stela of Sekher



Round-topped stela, with hieroglyphs and decoration incised and painted. The stela is dedicated to a man called Sekher, a field worker of a temple estate [aHwty Htp-nTr]. The decoration is framed by incised lines and consists of a lunette with human eyes. Below this are three horizontal lines of the main inscription which is a short offering formula for the benefit of the stela owner. Below is the main scene that shows four standing figures: two male and two female. The bottom register shows the figures of two men seated on the ground holding open lotus flowers towards their face. The lotus blossoms have not been finished, the inner petals are shown drawn in red but not carved. Before each figure is a vertical column of text. From Abydos cemetery E, grave 361 A'07. For a discussion on the title see Stephen Quirke, 'Titles and Bureaux', p. 122; Photographed and studied by Dr Marcel Marée (British Museum) in 2008.