Stela of Senwertef



Fragment of a stela with raised and sunk relief decoration with some pigment remaining in places. At the bottom is a closed double door with bolt and above this is a panel showing a dog under the chair legs of the deceased who is seated before a table of offerings and a ewer and bowl. There are two columns of hieroglyphic text on either side of the central panel and a single row of text below. The name of the owner is Senwertef (?). An archive image from 1905 reveals that a top left fragment is now missing which showed the upper body of the deceased, broken below the neck, holding his left hand against his chest, wearing an arm bracelet and a collar. Marked N.4 on the side and N. 173 (85) on the back. Garstang Museum of Archaeology (University of Liverpool) archive image N52 (within the 'Naqada 1905' album) and lantern slide no. S.9.1. There are other stelae from the Naqada 1904-5 excavations of John Garstang in the Garstang Museum collections: nos. E86, E87 and E88.