Stela of Sobekemhat



Painted round-topped limestone stela of Sobkemhat, son of Neferthesut. Dedicated by his brother Wepwawethotep. The face of the stone is framed on three sides by an incised line border, painted yellow and black, the back has been left rough. The figure is carved in very shallow sunk relief, the inscription is incised. The scene shows the deceased standing on the left facing right towards three vertical columns of text. Sobekemhat wears the traditional short kilt and broad collar, his head is shaved in the manner of a priest. He appears to be holding an object in each of his hands but damage to the stone makes it difficult to define what they are. Two columns of the text run the full length of the stela while the third, by the torso of Sobekemhat, is much shorter. Translation: A boon which the king gives to Osiris, Lord of Memphis, that he might give invocation offerings of bread and beer, oxen and fowl, alabaster and clothing, incense and oil to the Ka of Sobekemhat, true of voice, as made for him [by] his brother, Wepwawhetep, son of Nefert-hesut(?). From Abydos, Cemetery E. tomb 494 A'08, Liverpool Institute of Archaeology excavations 1908.