Stela of Thutmose



Round-topped stela with triangular summit, decorated with three registers and offering texts carved down the centre of the back and edges. The uppermost register shows the physician Thutmose [Djhutmosi] Panebnefer censing and libating, and his wife Dedia standing in adoration holding flowers in her right hand before the seated god Osiris-Onnophris followed by Isis and Nephthys. In the middle register is a representation of the ceremony of the ‘opening of the mouth’ performed on the mummy of Thutmose Panebnefer to ensure the deceased the use of his limbs and organs. The formula of the spell is read by a man, probably the eldest son, dressed in a leopard skin in the role of the sem-priest, and behind is a group of mourning women. In the lower register are five men and five women standing in adoration. Within the pointed top is an image of Anubis on his divine booth.