Stela of Wedjrenes



This round-topped wooden stela was made for a woman called Wedjrenes. The surface is soiled and paint has been considerably worn away making interpretation of the decoration and inscription difficult. The front of the stela was prepared with a layer of plaster before being painted with decoration that is divided into three registers. The lunette shows a sign of heaven curving over a winged sun-disc. Below is a single line of hieroglyphic text. The central register shows the deceased on the left and another figure on the right, both with arms raised worshipping two standing gods holding was-sceptres. There is a caption in six columns of hieroglyphic text above each scene. Between the two gods are two columns of hieroglyphic text. The lower register includes seven lines of hieroglyphic text which appear to make up a prayer to the sun as well as other funerary formulae asking for favours on behalf of the deceased. Around the edge of the stela is a multi-coloured border. The sides and back are prepared with a layer of plaster and painted yellow. CONDITION NOTE (1998): Previous repair, some surface cracking, chipped edges, areas of surface loss, discoloured, surface dirt, label adhered to surface.