Stela Showing Meretseger



This painted limestone votive stela for the goddess Meretseger was destroyed in 1941 when a firebomb burnt out the museum and now all we have left are photographs and drawings. It and 25 other small stelae were left in Case 27 in the Egyptian Main Hall and destroyed on the night of 3 May 1941. Meretseger is represented as a woman with a snake's head, seated on a throne before a table of offerings. In her right hand she holds an ankh-sign and in her left is a was-sceptre. She wears a tall, double-plumed crown. Around the scene are inscribed five vertical columns of hieroglyphic text: "Meretseger, the Peak of the West, Lady of the Sky, Mistress of all the gods". Destroyed in the Second World War. Only a photograph and a hand-copy of the inscription on the Newberry-Peet catalogue card survives.