Stemmed Dish



Etrusco-Corinthian stemmed dish, attributed by Janos G. Szilágyi to the Gruppo a Maschera Umana. Small, hastily potter round bowlwith slightly in-turned, plain rim, on a hollow conical base with flaring foot, torus-moulding ring around juncture of base and body. Interior painted with streaky black. Exterior is reserved, apart for a wide zone of dilute brownish black on the top surface of the foot. Figured decoration on upper body just below rim; four large water-birds to right, with solid bodies, each with a blob-rosette in front of the body below the head. Paint is streaky, with no details on birds. Evident wheel-marks around the ring on base; traces of black paint on resting surface of foot, perhaps accidental. Fabric very fine-textured pinkish-tan clay with fine flecks of sparkling mica, surfaces carefully burnished. Intact; paint slightly worn.