Stick Shabti of Ahhotep


Mummiform shabti of very crude form. Little attempt has been made to show any features. The head and face are particularly poorly worked. The feet are indicated by a horizontal notch towards the bottom of the figure. In profile the shape of the torso is gently suggested. The body of the shabti is fairly well smoothed, and has three rows of a very indistinct hieratic inscription added in black that is written lengthwise along the body of the figure. The owner is named as Ah–hetep, with the name of the dedicator of the figure being Teti, who was Ah–hetep’s brother. A linen bandage is wrapped around the shabti but it might not originally be connected. Probably from the 1898/9 season of excavations of the 5th Marquess of Northampton's expedition, led by Percy Newberry. Transliteration and translation of the inscription: SAwAb.ty [...] IaH-Htp &ti i(n) sn[.f]? ......"Shabti […] (of) Ia–hotep, Teti, by his brother ….."