String of Beads


String of beads, with a shell, 2 amulets and a scarab. Amulet of Taweret in green glazed steatie, amulet of a human headed falcon in amethyst and an inscribed haematite scarab (12 x 9 mm). Large number of variously shaped beads of amethyst , carnelian, haematite, shell and faience. On modern string; Newberry Peet typed catalogue card says Beni Hasan 12th Dynasty. Label says dynasties 12 - 18; register gives a locus of '37 w' which matches with Dorothy Downe's description of a string of beads from Esna Tomb 37 dated to the Middle Kingdom [They've both misread w for iv]. Register entry " string of various beads, shell, glazed, amethyst, carnelian '37w' ".