String of Beads



A string of glass and faience beads with a carved carnelian wedjat (eye of Horus) amulet suspended from the centre. Some beads are polychrome blue, black, yellow, white, brown. The type of beads and amulets are typical of the Third Intermediate Period but could also be from the mid to late New Kingdom. They were collected during the 1896 excavations at the mortuary temple of Ramesses II (Western Thebes) by the Egyptian Research Account. Documentation is lacking but they probably don't represent the discovery of a complete necklace but a restringing of isolated beads not necessarily from the same find. Indeed, they may not be from a necklace. From Quibell's excavations for the Egyptian Research Account 1896; see J E Quibell, 'The Ramesseum' (London, 1898).