String of Beads with a Shell Pendant



String of beads 133 cm long with a gold pectoral imitating the form of a bivalve shell (56 x 49 mm) and a cylinder counterpoise made of gold and garnet discs and cylinder beads. The string of beads are of various forms: gold cylinder beads, and carnelian and garnet spherical beads. There are five gold amulets irregularly spaced on the string and they consists of two cowrie shells (5 mm), one hand (9 mm), one lozenge (7 mm), one shen ring (6 mm) originally inlaid with stone, only one fragment of a blue stone remains. From tomb 24 A’06 at Abydos excavated by Professor John Garstang in 1906. The shell pendant can be compared with a Middle Kingdom silver shell pendant UC25971a in the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, University College London.