Striped Ball Bead



Large hollow ball bead of bichrome faience piereced with two holes for stringing. Alternate sectors of blue and black glaze. Boken into 4 pieces which reveals the method of manfacture: faience paste was fashioned around an organic core of straw which combusted during firing. Pierced holes allowed gases to escape and provided a means for subsequent stringing. Formerly Wellcome Historical Medical Museum no. 191067-71; Purchased at Stevens' auction House Ltd., lot 470, 16-17 September 1930. Compare with Florence Friedman, 'Gifts of the Nile. Ancient Egyptian Faience' (Providence, 1998), pp. 115, 212 and 259 (cat. nos. 181 and 190). CONDITION NOTE 1998: Incomplete, broken in 4, pitted, surface loss, surface dirt, labels adhered to surface.