Studies for four scenes from the story of Neptune

WAG 1995.209


Page divided into three section with four studies. The upper rank is divided in two. The left section shows a seated male figure, on a boulder on the far left, holding a trident in his left hand, pointing at another figure on the right. In between them and behind the right figure are sketches of three male heads, all heavily bearded. The upper right drawing shows a male figure holding a trident goading a rearing horse before him. The lower rank also shows two scenes, although not divided as the upper rank is. The left study shows a seated half-nude female figure with a nude male figure kneeling in front of her. The lower right study shows a seated male nude figure, holding an urn, with his left hand gesturing towards another male nude figure standing in front of him; this latter figure holds a trident. Another sketch of ahead is just to the left of the seated figure.