Studies of 3 Standing Men, One Writing and 3 Heads of Putti and a Woman

WAG 1995.296


This sheet of drawn studies was identified by the English Parmigianino expert A E Popham (1889-1970) as a close copy with very slight variations by an unknown artist, after one side of a Parmigianino drawing in the Uffizi Museum, Florence (inv. 13583F recto/front). Some other scholars think that the image of the man drawing (on the right) might represent Parmigianino himself. There is another copy of the Uffizi's drawing, in the Louvre, Paris (inv. no.6604.), which was formerly owned by the French aristocrat Charles de Saint Morys (1743-1795) who fled to England during the French Revolution taking part of his large drawings collection with him. William Roscoe owned at least one drawing that had previously been owned by St. Morys, an 'Angel mouring over a dead Christ' by Castiglione (WAG 1995.197).