Study of a Man Kneeling to tie on a Sandal

WAG 4158


This drawing is a careful copy of a drawing by Bandinelli, now in the Louvre [Inv 105], for one of the sculpted figures which appears on his relief of the "Baptism of Christ" [or "Baptism of the Neophytes"?] on the tomb of Pope Leo X, completed in 1540, in the church of S. Maria Sopra Minerva in Rome. Philip Pouncey suggested [verbally on 08/07/1968] that this drawing may be by one of Bandinelli's most successful colleagues, Vincenzo de' Rossi [1525-1585], who used a coarser version of his master's typical hatched drawing style, combining parallel and crossed pen-strokes with short curved lines, to create the shadowed and exaggerated musculature of the man's back and forearms. There is a stain on the top left hand corner of the drawing. It has been cut about 1/3 from the right, and the drawing had been clumsily stuck together again by a piece of brown paper at the back. The back of the drawing shows the glue [?] mark along the cut line.