Study from William Davis 22.1.77

WAG 9214


A pencil drawing based on a painting "Corner of a Cornfield" by a Pre-Raphaelite painter William Davis [WAG 1116]. While the oil painting shows a vast swath of a cornfield depicted in extreme detail, this pencil drawing concentrates on the foliage of a tree that appears on the far right of the painting, as well as the horizon in the far distance lined with tall trees at the end of the cornfield. The images that Henri chose to depict in the drawing are mostly created through dense cross-hatchings [the tree] and parallel hatchings [the horizon]. The tops of the corns themselves with drooping leaves are only minimally depicted through squiggly lines, in the middle of the canvas. There are two more versions of the pencil sketch by Henri based on William Davis's oil painting -- WAG 9215 and WAG 9216.