The brass and gilt pommel of the sword is of a trefoil design decorated with scrollwork designs that match the grip collar, the stone fitting for the pommel is missing. The hilt is bound with silver wire and the guard is the double-trefoil type with fluted edge. The iron blade is straight and single edged and has an oblique tip and the back of the blade at the top the letter pa is inscribed into the metal. The scabbard is edged with gilt brass and decorated with high relief silver panels at the top and bottom that seem to include the symbols of the Eight Immortals, dragons and swirling scrollwork. Between the panels the scabbard is covered with a diagonally woven textile. Two diamond-shaped brackets are attached, again worked in brass and gilt scrollwork, and with coral bosses, finally a turquoise boss is fitted at the centre of the scabbard. The leather studded belt straps, attached to the brackets, hold a locket.