Sword with cross-guard of decoratively carved wood and two rectangular iron hoops at right angles to the hilt. The pommel is made of carved wood in a 'V' shape with the remnants of tufts of hair along one side. Originally, there were 2 rows of 12 tufts of hair (possibly dyed reddish), now only a few tufts remain and they appear to have been cut down from their original length. The handle of the pommel is covered in wound, plaited plant fibre cordage. There is also plaited plant fibre cord around the top of the blade itself. The blade is straight, but widens as it reaches the end. The end has two tips; each tip is at the end of either a straight or curved cutting edge. The curved edge also has two small projections. Written on object: '43.39 PHILIPPINES'. Old Label [tied to external packaging]: ' LIVERPOOL MUSEUMS 43.39.4' Label [tied to external packaging]: 'Sword 1943.39.4 PHILIPPINE IS. [reverse] 2365'