Sword with carved wooden hilt. 'V' shape 'pommel'. Cross guard has iron strip made into loops at right angles to face of blade, on both sides. On one side this looped iron has been flattened. A coin is fixed in the carved boss on the 'pommel'. The coin is copper alloy and shows a shield topped by a crown. To the left of the shield is a '10' above a 'DE', to the right is 'Cs' Around the edge of the coin it says 'REY CONST ... DE..' with some of the lettering rubbed away. The handle of the sword is wrapped with five bands of plaited rattan. The blade is straight, but widens as it reaches the end. The end has two tips, (one of which has been broken), each at the end of either a straight or curved cutting edge. The curved edge also has two small projecting points. Old Label [tied to object]: 'LIVERPOOL MUSEUMS 43.39.6' Label [tied to external packagaing]: Sword 1943.39.6 PHILIPPINE IS. [on reverse] 2365'