Temple boy statuette


A headless statuette of a temple boy with a long and thin torso seated in a wide oblong plinth. The left leg is crossed at the front of the body. Only the thigh part of the right leg survives and it is most likely that the right leg was bent and at a right angle to the body like other examples from Fothergill's collection of Cypriot limestone sculpture. The upper parts of the two arms have survived only. The right palm is resting on the thigh. The boy is wearing a long and pleated cloak with sleeves. The cloak is raised to expose the boy's genitalia. On his chest and hanging from the left shoulder the boy wears a single chain of pyramid and rectangular amulets and signet rings. At the back of the statuette and along the waist the pleats of the cloak are raised to exposed the buttocks of the boy.