Temple boy statuette


Body from a votive statuette of the type known as the temple boy. The boy has a lean and tall torso and he is seated on a slanted base in the frontal typical pose and slightly inclined to the left. He has the left leg crossed in front of his body and the right leg raised and bent at the knee in a right angle to the body. The lower parts of both arms are missing, the right arm appears to be bent at the elbow and leaning on the right thigh, the hand was probably stretching forward holding an object in it. The left arm is kept alongside and was holding a bird by its wings. The boy is wearing a round necked and long cloak with long sleeves and with shallow diamond shapes on it. The cloak covers both of his legs and exposes his genitals. The boy is wearing an anglet on his left foot. On his chest the boy wears a thick string necklace composed of central spindle and mask and flanking rectangular pendants and signet ring.There are traces of red pigment on his torso and protective chain and in the legs' area of the cloak .