Temple boy statuette


Body from a small seated votive statue of the type known as the temple boy. The statuette is seated on a slanted plinth and has the left leg crossed at the front. The left hand is missing along with part of the left side of the body. The right leg of the statuette is bent at the knee and faces to the side of the body in a right angle. The right hand rests on the right thigh and seems to be holding a bird by its wings next to the right foot. The left arm seems to have been kept to the side. The boy wears a round and heavily pleated chiton with sleeves that covers both its legs but leaves the genitalia exposed. On his chest he wears a diagonal string or a cord that has been doubled and runs across the left shoulder. The pendants in the centre of the cord are triple cylinders and pyramids and they are flanked by signet rings. There are traces of red pigment on the chiton and the pleats at the legs. The statuette's head and left side of the body are missing and the base is mostly broken.