Temple Boy statuette


Body from a small seated votive statue of the type known as temple boy.He wears a heavily pleated chiton that covers both its legs and has a chain of amulets on his chest. The boy is seated on an oval base and has the left leg crossed at the front.The left hand is missing up to the top of its arm. The right leg of the statuette is bent at the knee and faces to the side in a right angle. Only the upper part of the right arm survives resting on the right thigh and holding probably a bird. Part of the right thigh is missing and so does the head. There is a small indent in the chest where the amulets were hang from a diagonal string. There is slight red pigment on the left side of the body and underneath the left leg. The body is sturdy and has a square type of torso with broad and slightly sloping shoulders and foreshortened rights angular legs. The back is cut rough and almost flat.