Temple boy statuette


Body of a small male votive statue of the type known as temple boy. The boy is seated on a narrow plinth with the left leg crossed at the front of the body, the left arm resting to the side and holding a round object, possibly a ball or a fruit. Only part of the right leg survives and it is in the typical posture for the temple boys, the knee bent and raised at a right angle to the side of the body. The right hand is holding or stroking a small bird.The garment of the statuette has severely faded, only little of the heavy pleats of the chiton are visible. The boy wears the chain of the protective amulets on his chest and this chain has significantly faded. The boy also wears bracelets around both of his wrists and an anklet around his right ankle. In between his legs there is a small part of what would have been his exposed genitalia that the temple boys statuettes display.The head and part of the right leg of the statuette are missing.