Temple Boy statuette card

Courtesy of National Museums Liverpool, World Museum

Temple Boy statuette

Currently not on display


Body from a small votive statue of the type known as the temple boy. The child sits on a narrow oblong plinth and has the left leg bent and crossed at the front. The right leg is bent at the knee and in a right angle to the side of the body. The left arm rests to the side of the body, holding a round object. The right hand strokes an aninal most likely a bird that is seated on the boy's lap. The boy is wearing a V shaped tunic with shoulder sleeves and vertical incisions on it. There is a triangular shape on his chest, possibly the chain of amulets that the temple boy statuettes usually wear. The child's wrists have bracelets. The statuette's head is missing and the back is cut roughly and is relatively flat.