Flat bone tusk-like tag with a suspension hole at the flat end. Decorated with coarsely notched edges and incised diagonal (4) lines pattern filled with black material. This may have been worn around the neck as a toggle. In 1901 Petrie described this type of object as being "certainly ornamental, and attached to some leather work. It seems most likely that they were used for securing the leg holes and other openings in water-skins." (Diospolis Parva p. 21). Marked by the excavator in ink B133. Excavated in Cemetery B near the modern village of Abadiya (Abadiyeh), grave B133 recorded by Prof. Petrie who decribed this type of object as being from Sequence Dates 31 - 55. CONDITION NOTE 1998: Chipped, surface loss, surface dirt, scratched.